Economic Development

As the metro-Richmond area expands, King William County offers the new, relocating or expanding company the best of all worlds-unparalleled natural resources coupled with a reliable labor pool and a business-friendly environment.

Beautiful rolling farmlands, expansive timber lands, and sparkling rivers create a stunning natural backdrop for this growing community, while close proximity to two major urban centers offers employers access to a skilled and stable workforce.

An Invitation

King William County is prepared to respond to the needs of business. Located along the urban corridor extending down the east coast, King William is only half a day’s drive from over half of the population and manufacturing in the United States. The County has the amenities that people want for their home:

  • Caring people
  • Clean air
  • Open spaces
  • Thriving businesses
  • Water

We look forward to serving you in a personal, confidential manner as you consider King William as a place for your business.

King William’s low labor costs, low crime rates and low cost of living add up to an attractive option for companies seeking a location that provides both a competitive edge and a high quality of life.

See For Yourself

King William is poised for growth and looking to the future. But at the same time, her citizens are committed to retaining the hometown friendliness and relaxed pace of life they have come to associate with the County’s agricultural heritage. See for yourself what benefits King William offers.