Victim / Witness Program

King William/King & Queen Victim/Witness Program

The King William and King and Queen Victim/Witness Assistance Program was developed to assist those who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system as crime victims or witnesses. This program, operated by the Offices of the Sheriffs and Offices of the Commonwealth Attorneys, helps ensure that fair and compassionate treatment is given to all victims and witnesses. Our goal is to reduce confusion by explaining the criminal justice process while providing information about services that are available.

The legal process can be long and complicated. The Victim/Witness Assistance Program is available to make sure the needs of victims and witnesses are met.

Crime Victim & Witness Rights Act

As a victim or witness of crime, you have certain rights under Virginia’s Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act. There are specific steps you may need to take to receive these rights. For detailed information, obtain a copy of "An Informational Guide to Virginia’s Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act" from the King William and King and Queen Counties Victim/Witness Assistance Program, Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Police Department, Sheriff’s Offices, or the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.


Summary of Virginia’s Crime Victim Witness Rights Act

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