When to Call the Victim / Witness Program

Call the Victim/Witness Assistance Program if:

  • You need information regarding the status of your case
  • You would like an explanation of court procedures or a tour of the courtroom before you testify
  • You need to verify your court date
  • You have questions about your role as a witness
  • You need assistance with your employer regarding your court appearance
  • You need a referral to social service agencies that provide emergency medical, psychological, or financial assistance to crime victims
  • You want assistance in preparing your Victim Impact Statement
  • You have questions about the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund and/or you need assistance with filing a claim
  • You are not receiving restitution payments that were ordered by the court
  • You need to notify us of a change of address or telephone number
  • Your personal property is being held as evidence and you want to know when you can recover it
  • You wish to be notified of a convicted prisoner’s release