Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is established according to the Code of Virginia Sections 15.2-2308, 15.2-2308.1 and 15.2-2309 and King William County Code Article XV, Sections 86:21-86:24. The BZA has appellate jurisdiction over applications for variances from the terms of zoning ordinance; over questions regarding district boundaries; from any decision of the zoning administrator; and over any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by any other administrative officers in the administration or enforcement of the zoning ordinance. 


  • The BZA shall meet in regular session at the time and place and on the day or days established for regular meetings.
  • The BZA may hold special meetings as it deems necessary at such times and places as it deems convenient.
  • Held in the County Administration Building Board Room - 180 Horse Landing Road, King William, VA 23086.

Member Requirements

  • Five members - must be a resident of King William County - appointed to five-year staggered terms.
  • Appointed by the King William County Circuit Court Judge upon recommendation from the Board of Supervisors.
  • Required to take oath of office before assuming position and with subsequent reappointments.
  • Must file appropriate Conflict of Interest form with the Deputy Clerk to the Board of Supervisors upon appointment and annually thereafter.
  • Bylaws

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  • Walt Bailey
    Appointment Expires June 30, 2025
  • Yvonne Broaddus, Vice Chair
    Appointment Expires June 30, 2024
  • Keith Fogg
    Appointment Expires June 30, 2027
  • Janie Rhoads
    Appointment Expires June 30, 2028
  • Amanda Walker, Chair
    Appointment Expires June 30, 2026